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newbie post

Hi I just joined and thought I would try to get a discussion going on Maria Riva's book. I usually shy away from the books by children of old time stars since the infamous lie of the unfortunately best seller Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford but someone told me Riva's book was good so I bought it. What a piece of junk, not only was it clear that Riva did it for the money but Riva never takes personal reasonability of her own life and happiness - all the unhappiness in Riva's life (if you believe it) was strictly related to her mother Marlene Dietrich. After finishing chapter one I knew this was a poor imitation of Christina's book. Riva plays the blame game throughout her book. As you can clearly see I do not recommend this book but would look to know if anyone in this community unfortunately read this piece of trash and what did you think of it?

~ Adrian
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